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Ringo the ringmaster Halloween Prop 
Ringo the ringmaster Halloween Prop
Name : Ringo the ringmaster Halloween Prop

Code : FP009

Detail :     Ringo the ringmaster was in solitary confinement at the asylum the past 15 years but has somehow managed to escape.  Due to his hideous and unsightly features he now wears makeup and desigizes himself as circus clown terrorizing society.  Unfornately, those who witness his presence never make it back alive. You can now aquire this psycho clown prop but beware as the spirit of the real Ringo is said to live inside waiting for the right time to carry out his evil doings.  Comes with all accesories as shown in the picture.  Outfit, hat, clown shoes and hands, professionally detailed by our team of experts. Great item for any horror collector or Halloween enthusiasts.

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